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Sample EBooks

Nonsense Novels by Stephen Leacock (epub|mobi)

Sample Indexing Excerpts

Between Duty and Design: The Architect Soldier, Sir J. J. Talbot Hobbs by John J. Taylor (pdf)
Common Language of Homicide and Suicide by Michael Bozeman (pdf)
Wine Lessons by Clara Orban (pdf)
Creative Tables by Rose Fournier (pdf)

Past Clients Include:

— Alley Cat Rescue
— Assouline Publishing
— Cambridge University Press
— Clara Orban
— East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal
— Janet S. Shibamoto-Smith
— Katherine Greyson
— Kendall Hunt Publishing
— LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC
— Linn Tesli
— Marian Broida
— Michael Bozeman
— National Geographic Books
— Rose Fournier
— Search Ministries
— Shigeko Okamoto
— Tzung-De Lin
— Ugarit-Verlag
— University of Western Australia Publishing
— XOUM Publishing

Sampling of Past Projects
Creative Tables Reborn I'm Glad You Asked World War II Pointman Alley Cat Rescue’s Guide to Managing Community Cats Forestalling Doom: Apotropaic Intercession in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East Facades Crumble Everyone Keeps Secrets Between Duty and Design: The architect soldier Sir J.J. Talbot Hobbs The Common Language of Homicide and Suicide: Evidence of the Value of Durkheim's Typologies Wine Lessons: Ten Questions to Guide Your Appreciation of Wine National Geographic Answer Book: Fast Facts About Our World An Uncommon History of Common Things National Geographic Complete Survival Manual Backyard Guide to the Night Sky Green Guide: The Complete Reference for Consuming Wisely Freedom In My Heart: Voices From The United States National Slavery Museum Abraham Lincoln's Extraordinary Era: The Man and His Times Body: The Complete Human National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern North America National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of Western North America 1000 Events that Shaped the World Birding Essentials Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Creatures of the Deep

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