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Handy Editorial Services and Pricing

Handy Editorial is available for hire for a variety of services for both fiction and nonfiction, including:

If there is a service you wish to hire Handy Editorial for that you do not see listed, feel free to contact me. I am also happy to provide a small sample edit at no charge.

Subject Specialties

For fiction texts, I have worked in a variety of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and romance. I can also bring my own perspective as a writer, and I was long-listed for the 2012 Young Writer's Prize awarded by Hot Key Books. I enjoy working with self-publishing authors in addition to those publishing traditionally and am committed to taking care of the technical side of the process so that you can focus on writing.

For non-fiction texts, I have performed work on a wide variety of subjects for both manuscripts and articles, including, among other things, everything from history and criminology to biology, birding, biographies, psychology, the arts, language, and literature, and I have also worked with cookbooks. I have worked with both domestic and international clients, including large publishers, small presses, and organizations looking to publish limited runs for their clientele or internal use. I have extensive experience working with texts containing a heavy amount of foreign language content (my particular strengths are Japanese and French, though I have worked other languages, such as Italian). My educational background lies in English Language and Literature, Linguistics, Japanese, and Library and Information Sciences.


I prefer to provide pricing on a per word/page/project basis rather than an hourly rate, though I will charge on an hourly basis if this is preferred. This has the advantage of ensuring you know upfront what my services will cost you. Please contact me to discuss pricing for your specific project or receive a formal quote.

Pricing is based on a number of different factors, including the size of the project, timeframe (for instance, a project with a rush deadline will cost more), the complexity of the material, and the specific requirements for the particular project.

Please note that I will always base "per page" pricing on the industry standard of 250 words per page. If your pages are an average of 500 words, then the number of "pages" will be double, for instance.

Service Information and Rates


Even if your general editing needs have already been taken care of, every manuscript needs one last run-through to ensure that your work has been thoroughly cleansed of distracting mistakes. Handy Editorial will check for any lingering errors, including grammar and punctuation issues, misspellings, tense or usage errors, and adherence to the specified style guide.

Copy Editing

A deeper level of editing than proofreading, copy editing is performed before the manuscript is finalized and before any indexing occurs. I will check for any lingering errors, including grammar and punctuation issues, misspellings, tense or usage errors, and adherence to the specified style guide. Though many of the errors searched for are the same, if proofreading is a final polish, copy editing is the chance to give your work a good scrub and do some heavy cleaning.

Line Editing

In addition to searching for technical or style errors, as with proofreading or copy editing, line editing (also sometimes known as content editing) provides an in-depth examination of the manuscript line by line. I will check for overall quality and consistency, providing suggestions for ways to improve the text in detail and fine tuning your work with you to ensure that the what you are producing comes together the way you envision while maintaining your own authorial voice.


I will create a back-of-book index for your manuscript, including embedded indexes. I have experience performing thorough, efficient indexing for both scholarly and trade publications on a wide variety of subjects, including texts containing some level of foreign language content (samples can be viewed). I will also alert the author or managing editor to any errors found in the manuscript while indexing.

Manuscript Formatting

I will work through your manuscript to ensure that all formatting meets the standards of whatever style guide (including in-house style guides) to which your manuscript is meant to adhere. This can include implementing the formatting from scratch or to work through the manuscript to correct any formatting errors. No ball-park pricing can be provided without more details about the project. (There is too much variance depending on the type of project. For instance, a novel will require a very different level of formatting than an academic technical work or a trade book featuring a large amount of graphics or special formatting.)

Research or Fact-checking

If you are in need of research, I will aid you by conducting this for you and providing information or resources for you. This applies to both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. Need to find an obscure fact or figure? Learn more about a time period? I have been working as a librarian for years and am highly skilled at tracking down information, whether your needs are broad or highly specific.

I can also provide fact-checking services in which I find sources to verify that information provided in your manuscript is valid. This can be done for a manuscript overall or for particular bits of information provided.

EBook Coding and Design

Looking to self-publish and need help creating your eBook? Sick of automatic eBook generators that mangle your precious work? I can help design, code and verify your eBook. Note that I am currently only accepting fiction projects for this service.

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